USTA Tennis Ranking List Boys Girls 10 B10 G10 Pathway Florida – February, 2016


USTA Florida 10 and Under Tennis Adds Gamification, Adopts National Track – which is really great!

Read more about it here!


The USTA decided that they do not count the wins of Boys 10 and Girls 10 anymore. This means that there will be no new ranking list for Boys 10 in Florida anymore.

This following PDF now only shows if your kid has already made it to the next level – from orange balls, to green balls, to yellow balls, which is a requirement for certain tournaments.

We think there should be a ranking for kids 10 and under also in Florida like in most other states.
It helps the kids to build up their confidence when they gain points and make progress on the ranking list.

What do you think?

You might contact USTA Florida here!

1. Quentin Gabler – 41 wins – up!
2. Collins, Kayden – 23 wins
3-4. Kulendran, Christian – 22 wins – up!


Quentin Gabler (8) playing tennis with Marin Milan in Aventura, Florida, USA

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