The best sticky tape for athletes!

When you are an athlete you will sooner or later have some blisters or other skin injuries. Most of the time you will for sure not want to stop exercising.

Since I was a little child (doing judo and playing tennis) I am using the same tape – made in Germany: Leukoplast waterproof. Every time we visit Germany I am actually buying supplies for a year. For whatever reason it is not available in the USA.

There are products that look similar but they actually only look similar. When you use Leukoplast once you will understand what I mean and why it is much better.

  1. This athlete tape sticks absolutely everywhere. Even on sweaty skin, on your feet, on your hands or wherever.
  2. It does not leave any glue residues on your skin after removing it.
  3. It’s waterproof and no matter how much you sweat it will not come off.

If you have a blister on a finger (this happens often to e.g. tennis players), you might open the blister with a sterilized needle, then you just put Leukoplast over the blister, and you will not feel the pain anymore.

An inflamed toe nail right before the start of a tournament can be easily treated by wrapping Leukoplast around the toe nail. It will stick and most of the times you will actually don‘t feel the pain anymore.

It‘s sturdy enough so that it will not rip into pieces during exercise, even under a lot of strain and it Is still flexible enough to use it for example on your fingers as a e.g. tennis player.

In my opinion it is the best athlete tape for tennis players, soccer players, basketball players,  football players, rugby players, boxers, weight lifters, bicycle racers or even golfers. 

I‘ve now actually found a source on eBay:

MEDICAL GRADE MATERIAL – It‘s produced by a German medical company.

Leukoplast Waterproof 1.25cm x 5m Zinc Oxide Rigid Tape | eBay

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Leukoplast Waterproof is a white tape featuring a zinc oxide adhesive, allowing it to adhere strongly and reliably even under heavy strain.  It features high tensile strength and is suitable for patients with normal skin.

Leukoplast Waterproof is ideal for firm fixation in wet environments.  It repels dirt as well as water, keeping the dressing hygienically clean after prolonged use.

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