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What is the best tennis racquet for competitive juniors and kids?

We would really like to know your opinion and experience. This will help other parents to choose the correct racquet.

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Our son just turned 9 and is playing a

Babolat Pure Aero Lite with Tecnifibre NRG2 17 Strings (tension 52)

So far it seems to be the best combination for good power and precision but he is playing really competitive as a USTA Boys 12 player in Florida. The bad thing is that the strings will last only 4 to 8 hours of playing which is quite expensive. Any advice for a hybrid that lasts longer?

But... this is for sure not a good combination for beginners at that age.

An interesting article from 2011 about racquets and strings used by USTA 12 players :

My son is a  beginner and I bought  Head Liquid Metal 8 Strung Tennis Racquet . One of my expert friend recommended it . This bargain priced racquet also has vibration dampening technology built into and a very generous head size too. It’s a great racquet for beginner and intermediate level players.It has a very generous sweet spot. There is no better feeling than to be able to slightly mishit a shot and still get a lot of spin and power on the ball.

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