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The HPV Vaccination can cause very serious Side Effects!

I’m writing this post as the dad of a young 12 year old tennis player. My son, Quentin, was ranked Top 5 in Florida and was doing pretty well.

In April, May and June of 2019 he played good tennis, but was certainly not winning all the time. It’s also healthier for young tennis players, if they do not win more than 60 to 70% of their matches.

Quentin is normally practicing twice a day. Two hours with his coach and most of the time another 2 to 3 hours with other tennis players. Once a week he is doing match play in a very good group with some other very good kids from Florida. Sometimes there are severals other Florida Top 10 players.

One evening in April while participating in the mentioned match play, Quentin was complaining  about his legs getting weak and heavy. I did not take this seriously, because he already played 4.5 hours when it happened. So I told him, that it’s okay to be exhausted after so much tennis. He actually didn’t want to go home anyway. 

In the next two months he was complaining about the same symptoms about 4 more times. He was also visibly growing. So I thought, nothing to be concerned about.

In July of 2019 he played the National Clay Court Championships and did well. When we came back from this tournament he did his regular practice with his coach and also played matches with other kids. 

Suddenly he developed severe knee pain, but this can happen when you practice that much.

Then something occurred which had never happened before!

Quentin is playing tennis almost since he was 3 years old. He never ever didn’t want to practice. I never ever had to push him in any way. Sounds unbelievable, but is 100% true.

His coach, Marin, who is now with him for more than 4 years now and is like a family member, called me that he has to bring him home. Marin said that he is so exhausted, like he has never seen him before. Quentin didn’t want to go home, but the coach said that there is no chance to practice.

The next day Quentin said he is fine again and practiced again.

Two or three days later Quentin almost fainted at home, right after practice. Now we were really concerned. We went to the pediatrician and cardiologist. We did blood work and EKG and found almost nothing, except that his inflammation markers (A/G ratio) were high, but the pediatrician told us, that this can be just a regular infection and will likely be better soon.

We let him stay home for some days and he actually got better again.

Also his knee pain was going down. After a few days of restarted practice, he begged me desperately to go to the National Hard Court Championships.

Unfortunately he could only and barely finish one match against one guy, who later reached the semi finals. Because of severe knee pain we actually had to forfeit and drive home.

We decided that it would better for him to stay home and rest for a few more days.

At the end of the week he got a HEP A vaccination

He was still resting at home, but wanted to practice badly. So on a Monday I’ll let him do serves - and he looked like a very old man. He could not even toss a ball and was devastated about it. Quentin is normally a kid who would never give up, but he just couldn’t toss a really not heavy tennis ball.

His symptoms got more severe over the next two months - and the doctors could not find anything.

Quentin developed pain all over his body. Knee, shoulder, joints, legs, chest - everything was hurting. He also was so exhausted, he could sometimes not do more than a few steps on the tennis court - while he wanted to play no matter what. 

We did a lot of blood work and also went to a neurologist. So far they just found nothing. I had many sleepless nights because I had no clue of what was going on.

Before his illness started, he was a very fit young athlete and in a matter of weeks he turned into a very weak, easily exhausted, fatigued kid with pain all over his body. He himself still wanted to play tennis every day, but it wasn’t tennis anymore. I'll let him still practice, sometimes only for a few minutes.

He was then standing (without moving) on the court and Marin was just feeding him balls so that he could hit a little.

His upper body was still doing okay, while his lower body was not usable.

It was almost impossible to watch, because it was so sad to see him like this!!

A kid, who loves tennis so much, that he even wanted to play tennis with a lot of pain in his body, was standing still on the court, trying hard to still hit, because of completely exhausted legs.

I know that you can argue, why we didn't tell him to stay home and recover. I decided to do otherwise, because I felt that staying at home for weeks and months, without even having the opportunity to do something he loves the most, would not have been a good thing.

During this painful time I’ve also noticed another strange occurrence. Quentin is wearing a FitBit all the time, and one day I saw that his resting pulse was at around 85! Before all this happened it was at around 60…

I told the doctors but they had no explanation for it.

The whole story was now going on for almost three months! 

Quentin started to play and practice again, also with other kids. He was getting better, but was still far away from good or lightyears away from feeling great.

He also had two severe relapses, which forced him both times to rest for several days.

The pain was also not going away and was hurting mostly his shoulder, sometimes his wrists, sometimes some muscles, but it was never predictable.

One day my wife looked into the calendar and saw an appointment coming up: The third HPV vaccination!

I said, wait a minute, and yes, we found out that everything that happened to our son was aligned to the first and second HPV vaccination.

I tried to google side effects and did not find many in the US. Just a few weak hints on side effects on a governmental web site.

Then I found a post of a guy who was working for the German Athletic Sports Association. He was claiming that 12 of their athletes got the HPV vaccination and all of them had similar symptoms as Quentin. All of them had severe fatigue symptoms, all of them had a lot of pain and all of them had a serious decline in their performance.

Then I googled more and more, and found so many stories about similar symptoms, even deaths caused by cardiac arrest. Remember, Quentin’s heart rate was going up dramatically!

I’ve posted a carefully written story about the possible link of the HPV vaccination and chronic fatigue symptoms, and posted it on the Tennis Warehouse Forum. I did not condemn every kind of vaccination, because I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but wrote that parents should be careful about it. Some other users reacted, and the next day my post got suddenly deleted, while it was posted in the correct thread - “Tennis and Health”.

I got no explanation or whatsoever why they deleted it, even though I’ve asked them via email.

There are actually whole countries, like Japan and other countries, that banned the HPV vaccination, but the pharmaceutical industry is trying hard to distract any fears and is refusing to see any link to many cases of ill children.

Quentin is actually doing better slowly and we hope that he will be symptom free anytime soon, but I’ve also found many cases where this has never happened.

Please find below two links of very poor girls with very severe symptoms, now ongoing for years: -

Therefore... PLEASE have a serious look before you take the HPV vaccination. Educate yourself and don’t just do it because a Billion Dollar industry is doing nice ads on TV!

(If you have questions about this story, please don't hesitate to ask. I will for sure also answer critical questions.)

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