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TECNIFIBRE NRG2 17g Tennis Strings Black - experience

I've put the NRG2 17g in black on a racket. Before that I played the same strings but in the regular color. The black ones are more or less brand new on the market. I've used the same tension for the black strings than for the regular ones, which is 55 pounds, but the feel was completely different. My backhand topspin touch was awesome with the regular strings and almost gone with the black ones. Almost the same with my forehand topspin. The spin was still okay but not on the same level.

So I did the old trick to change the tension by stepping on it. Of course not with my full weight. This could seriously harm the frame - and also only for 1-2 seconds by just pushing it a bit with my shoe from one and then the from the other side.

It helped a lot. The strings still feel a bit different but much better. Next time I'll let them string with 50 pounds. I hope this will do the trick right away...

What is your experience with the NRG2 17g BLACK?

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