How they count points for the USTA Ranking List in Florida!

If your kid is starting to play USTA tournaments in Florida there are some important things to know:

If you are not a Florida resident your kid can only play Level 6, Level 7 and Level 8 tournaments.
Unfortunately you are not a Florida resident by just living in Florida with a Visa. You need at least a Green Card.

National tournaments, level 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 tournaments can only be played after your acceptance as a resident by the USTA.

The higher the level of the tournament the more points your kid will get for a win.

Level 1 to 4 points
Level 1 to 4 points
Level 6 and Level 7
Level 6 and Level 7 points

(More information about the points…)

Level 8 tournaments are for beginners and advanced beginners – and you will get no points for the ranking list. If your kid has never played an USTA tournament it should start with level 8 because in every other level it might be a frustrating experience. Many kids in Florida are very good tennis players. Some people say that the average player level in Florida is much higher than in other states which is true in my experience.

There is a Ranking List (Only residents of Florida) and a Standing List (all players, even from foreign countries). USTA Florida releases a new list (more or less) every month. Sometimes it takes longer and it may have to do with the fact that we are in Florida…


No matter how many tournaments your kid will play, only 8 tournaments will be used to calculate the Ranking and Standing List.
The computer automatically chooses only the best 8 results which will be added up in the ranking list and nothing else.

This means if your kid has already an average of 25 points out of 8 tournaments (8 x 25 = 200 points in total) and is playing a level 7 tournament, your little one needs to win at least three rounds (= 38 points) to advance in the ranking by 13 points (38 is 13 points more than 25).
If it would only win two rounds/matches it would result in 25 points which means no change. Even with a gain of 38 points the position in the ranking might not be better if there are other kids winning more points in the same time.

Seeded players on tournaments will be chosen by the tournament director by using the Florida Standing List. Some tournament directors seed more players (e.g. 8 seeded players in a draw with 29 kids) some do only 4 players with the same draw size. As soon as your kid gets seeded there is a higher chance to survive the first round because the first game will not be against a seeded player and the average regular player level is most of the time below the seeded ones.

You may wonder why it happens that you get 25 points with only one Level 7 tournament win when you normally should get only 16 points. The reason is that he/she might had a “Bye” in the first round. So the win was actually in the second round which generates 25 points.

If there are more questions please use the comment section of this page!

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